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  1. 09th of August 2018
    Dear Grant,
    we enjoyed your show this evening very much and Maximilian is very happy that he was in your show again. We are leaving now for Scharbeutz.
    Till tomorrow.

  2. Grant, I had the great pleasure of meeting you and watching you perform at the 2019 Edmonton International Street Performer’s Festival. Having seen many street performer’s shows, I can say with certainty you truly have World-Class caliber talent and skills. I think what impresses me the most is how motionless you can keep objects while moving yourself. I’m speaking of the vertical position of the blue orb and the suitcase, when it’s stuck in the air. I can appreciate the skill needed to make the object appear to be motionless. The seemingly flawlessness of your routines is not lost on me either. It definitely shows years of perfecting your craft. Absolutely among the BEST of street performers I’ve ever seen. I sincerely THANK YOU for such enjoyable entertainment and hope you will consider returning to Edmonton for future Street Performer’s or Fringe festivals. – Scotty T.

  3. We were spellbound at the festival of colours today. Amazing, magical and beautiful. Thankyou.

  4. Grant, we went to see you twice this weekend in Cork, as part of Culture night. The Friday show in Fitzgeralds Park was so good, we came back on Saturday to see you again. The show was amazing, for both adults and kids. There were a few young lads heckling you on the Saturday in town, and how you dealt with them was hilarious 😂 Thank you!

  5. My hands down favourite performer at the three week festival in Waterford, Spraoi 2021. (followed closely by cycle circus!) Hilarious, charming and such skill! If you have an event or run a festival…. book this man!

  6. I saw you years ago in Edmonton (I think …) at a Busker Festival. You were outstanding. I watched every show you did that day. Just amazing. I talked about you and your show for months after and did everything I could to get Disney (where I worked) to bring you in. I hope all is well in your world, although I imagine you had a bit of a dip during the pandemic. I hope you’re still performing, and I hope to see you on stage again some day.

  7. Hello Mr.Grant you did a very good act in Sint-Pieters leeuw. My daughter loved your act. Very good 👍
    Hope to see you next time in Belgium
    Greets Christian

  8. Lieber Herr Grant, wir haben sie beim Strassenkünstlerfest in Scharbeutz gesehen. Wir waren absolut begeistert, ich habe noch nie so eine phantastische Show gesehen. Wir hoffen das wir ihre Show mal wieder in Scharbeutz sehen können. Mit freundlichen Grüßen M. Z

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