That Man – Show

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Street – Cabaret – Circus.

2 – 40 Mins.

That Man – Show, is non-verbal, interactive, and highly skilled. It has played in over 30 countries (non-verbal, so no language barriers) and with over 70 mins of material to draw on, it has something for most places, from a few feet square on top of a bar to full size circus rings and public spaces.


  • Winner – Best Circus – Perth (Australia) International Fringe Festival ’16
  • Industry Voted – Best Individual Circus Performer in Ireland
  • Peoples Choice – Scharbeautz Germany – ’09, ’10, ’11, ’12, ’13, ’14, ’15, ’16
  • 1 of the 12 things the BBC said not to miss at Glastonbury  – ’14 (Article)
  • Peoples Choice – Hildeshiem Germany – ’10
  • Best Hair Cut   – Landshut Germany – ’11

Grant Goldie presents That Man – Show. A man and his case in a world of chance and opportunity, creates a happening of interactive participation, acute absurdity and mesmerising manipulation. A wordless performance of charming virtuosity and high skill. Not merely a juggling show, more a projectile assault on Gravity.

Refreshing, Engaging, Wholesome – 10/10